Monochromatic / mon-uh-kroh-mat-ik / – adjective: A polished look using only one color.

Dressing monochromatically may sound too matchy-matchy or even boring; but when worn the right way and with the right pieces, you can create an elevated look that’s as sharp and intriguing as a bold pattern.

Here are 3 examples to help you incorporate the monochromatic trend into your own wardrobe for work, a date night, or your next formal occasion.

-For Work-

For Work
Pictured: Navy Revenge Suit, Navy Melange Solid Custom Shirt (available Fall 2 – 9/27), Silk Dot Navy Pocket Square, and Black Exchange Place Shoe

Navy is the easiest color for guys to wear because it’s versatile, but it can also be a very nice, rich look for the office when you add a monochromatic touch to it.

Start with a navy suit fabric such as our Navy Revenge Solid from Vitale Barberis Canonico. This step up in fabric quality to a Super 150s adds a nice sheen and richness to a traditional navy suit. For the shirt, try out the Navy Melange Chambray (coming soon in our Fall 2 launch on 9/27). It’s dressy enough to stand up to the suit and adds dimension with a navy hue just a few shades lighter than the suiting fabric. Mixing shades in a specific color palette is the key to the monochromatic look. The Silk Dot Navy Pocket Square adds another layer to the monochromatic look while adding some texture. A clean black dress shoe like the Exchange Place from Allen Edmonds finishes off the look.

-For Date Night-
For Date Night

For Date Night
Pictured: Charcoal Heather Herringbone Suit with Deconstructed Sportcoat and Deconstructed Jogger Style Trouser and Charcoal Double Vertical Stripe Custom Shirt (available Fall 2 – 9/27)

Here’s where you can take a bit more risk with the monochromatic idea and have some fun with it. Save the navy for work and opt for a darker shade of charcoal or black for date night. These colors work better in a social setting, and you’ll feel more “with it” when you’re walking into the restaurant. Our fall seasonal suiting offers handsome options for this type of occasion. Go for the Charcoal Heather Herringbone fabric from Reda in a suit. It has the darker shade which you want, and the lightweight herringbone flannel adds some texture and seasonality to your look. You’ll also want a different feel to this suit, so why not try our Deconstructed styles for both the Sportcoat and the Trouser. And for added comfort, try the Trouser in a Jogger style which lightens up the look and adds a bit more personality – not as formal and stiff. For added interest, we suggest the Charcoal Double Vertical Stripe Custom Shirt (coming soon in our Fall 2 launch on 9/27). Finish the look with a casual black shoe or even a sleek city sneaker in a dark grey or black to keep the look fun.

-For A Formal Affair-
For A Formal Affair

For A Formal Affair
Pictured: Black Velvet Tuxedo Jacket, Charcoal Melange Chambray Custom Shirt (available Fall 2 – 9/27), Super Black Tuxedo Trouser, and Modern Twill Solid Tie

When it’s time for a Black Tie Event, you have some options other than your classic black tuxedo and black shirt that you might think would be your only option for a monochromatic formal look. Once again, look to our fall seasonal suiting fabrics and you’ll find a Black Velvet Tuxedo Jacket from Brisbane Moss – opt for a grosgrain shawl collar and side vents. Pair with a sharp dress shirt like the Charcoal Melange Chambray (coming soon in our Fall 2 launch on 9/27) and Super Black Tuxedo Trousers (suggested with grosgrain trim to tie back to your velvet tux jacket). If a tie is required, then opt for a slimmer tie in the same trim as your lapels, grosgrain in this case. A black velvet loafer would finish this monochromatic look off nicely, but if you’re not feeling that brave, a simple black lace-up will work just fine.